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Beachbody MAX Creatine
Beachbody MAX Creatine
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M.A.X Creatine

There are a ton of bogus supplements out there. Some don't help you achieve your goals, other are illegal, and others may actually hurt your body. None of them have been tested for as many decades and delivered such consistent results as creatine has, which is why Beachbody is proud to roll out M.A.X. Creatine, the most effective and safest sports supplement available today.


Why is M.A.X Creatine So Effective?


 A lot of different supplements may claim to be the most effective, but nothing compares to creatine. Why is it such a standout? The answer is simple: we all produce this substance naturally to begin with. It plays an essential role in our cell biology, and is critical to our energy producing processes. Augmenting the amounts of it in our body simply make us better at producing energy, and allows us to harness that energy to derive better results from our body. Nothing else is as natural, as fundamental, and as essential to energy production and consequently muscle growth as creatine.

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How Does it Work?


Our bodies need energy to function. When we exercise, we first turn to our glycogen stores found in our liver and muscle cells to fuel our activity, but we have precious little glycogen, and burn through it quickly. Then our bodies turn to glucose in our blood stream, or what's commonly known as blood sugar, and torches through that. Soon we run out of glucose, and then we're left either catabolizing our muscles for energy, or going through the long and slow process of harnessing our fat for fuel—which can be great, but can leave you high and dry mid workout as you crash.


What allows us to create more energy is creatine. All of our energy sources can be broken down to ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, which is then broken down once used to ADP. Creatine is essential in turning that ADP back into ATP, recycling if you will the energy and allowing us to use it again.


Why is that important? Trainers and professionals say that it's the last couple of reps that matter. That's where the growth takes place. If this supplement can help you bust out those reps when you want to quit, if it can provide you with just a little more energy to help you finish your set, then it will help you grow like nothing else. Those final reps are essential, and this supplement can help you achieve them when you might otherwise fade.

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Is it Safe?


In a word: yes. Professional athletes use it, and it's allowed by the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and the Olympics. Nobody has banned it, and nobody thinks its dangerous to use. It's effects and benefits have been studied for over two decades, and while it has been found to sometimes cause a little water retention in your cells, it has been found to cause ZERO other side effects.


Why? Because it's something we naturally produce and consume in healthy food. It's an essential part of our energy cycle, and consuming a little more can create incredible benefits without upsetting the way our body naturally works. It's safe, fast, and incredibly effective.


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How do I use it?


The recommended dosages 10 grams per day. You can take one scoop and add it to your favorite protein shake or recovery beverage, or simply drink it with a glass of water or juice. Since M.A.X. Creatine has no flavor or colorants it can be added to anything, a useful quality for those who have ever grown frustrated with strongly flavored supplements in the past.


For the most effective uptake, consume it with a blast of carbs such as the FUEL SHOT. As the carbs are quickly absorbed by your cells, it will be shuttled along with them too.

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