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Body Gospel
Body Gospel
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Body Gospel - The New Donna Richardson Workout

Body GospelIf you're a firm believer that your body is your temple, and you're ready to commit to taking care of it and treating it with the reverence that it deserves, than get ready to get up and groove with Donna Richardson's new Body Gospel Workout. Released with Beachbody, the producer of such incredible workouts as the P90X and INSANITY workouts, Body Gospel is going to take the nation by storm as Donna gets us up on our feet, dancing, singing, clapping and losing weight by the minute.

If you've fought to lose weight by yourself, then you are not alone. Countless people just like yourself fight with it every day. Parents, friends, good honest folks. But finally after ages of searching all of these people have at last found a way to achieve health and fitness by uniting their desire to drop weight, with a power they've always known they can depend on--Faith.

Introducing Body Gospel--are you ready to Party with a Purpose?

Body Gospel is a revolutionary idea in the fitness and health community, created by inspirational fitness guru Donna Richardson Joyner. Donna has spent countless years motivating sellout crowds and helping people of all shapes and sizes drop that weight and get super healthy. Her secret is simple and lies incorporating her many break through exercises with and healthy nutrition with the power of faith. And now she's made all this available through Body Gospel, as the first faith based DVD workout program.

Body Gospel is unique because it has a wide variety of workouts programs. There's resistance training, cardio, muscle conditioning, stretch, circuit, and the foundation of the workout of course is God.

Body Gospel is the premier in-home faith-based fitness program set to the most inspirational of gospel music that makes it wonderfully easy for beginners, and truly effective for everyone. Remember, when you put the faith in the Lord, you'll never walk alone. So cherish the gift of life He has given you, unite with us in this powerful fellowship of fitness, because with Body Gospel, if you believe, you will succeed.

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Body Gospel--What Is It?

Simply put, Body Gospel is a Christian Workout, which means that you'll be exercising and getting into fantastic shape in order to respect your body and treat it as it deserves. So much money gets spent on beauty products, on plastic surgery, on their hair, nails, make up, pedicures and more, that it doesn't even make sense. Instead of making yourself artificially beautiful, why don't you reach down inside for that source of strength and let your true beauty shine from within? With Donna Richardson's help, energy and motivation, you'll do just that, as he leads you through dance, song and exercise to get you into righteous shape. Fun, uplifting, beautiful and tough, this workout will kick your booty while getting it into perfect shape!

What's Included?

This workout will contain everything you need to revolutionize your lifestyle. Because what you're buying isn't just a collection of workout DVD's, but rather a whole package that comes with everything you need to get your life back on track. With Donna Joyner's guidance and the strength of your faith you'll soon be turning everything right around, and find yourself losing weight, gaining energy and ready to praise the Lord with the fervor he deserves!

The Body Gospel package comes with:

Body Gospel6 Workout DVD's
  • Core Revelation
  • Power and Praise (Interval Training)
  • Gospel Glory
  • Strength and Spirit
  • Body Revival
  • Stretch in the Spirit

Body Gospel Tools:
  • 10 Personal Training Cards
  • Stepping in the Spirit Audio CD
  • Feed Your Body Feed Your Soul Nutrition Plan
  • Daily Scriptures
  • Total Transformation Guide, which includes your Commitment Contract, your 30 day Journal, along with your workout calendar and quotes from Scripture
  • Resistance Bands
  • Daily Journal to connect your faith as part of your workout

  • 3 Extra Bonuses
  • 3-Day Jump Start
  • Stepping in the Spirit
  • Body Gospel Live: A fantastic workout filmed before a live Gospel Choir!

  • 24/7 Online Support and Online Chat with training tips

    Who is Donna Richardson?

    Donna Richardson is the energetic, beautiful promoter of health awareness, vitality and fitness. Her "Sweating In The Spirit" show brought together spirituality and health and is the number one gospel exercise workout in the country. Appointed by President Bush to the Council of Physical Fitness and Sports, she worked toward promoting physical activity, fitness and sports for the nation. She was inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame, and was selected by the Oprah Winfrey Show as one of the "Top 5 Fitness Video Instructors".

    Body Gospel

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