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Bowflex Heart Monitor With Strap
Bowflex Heart Monitor With Strap
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Heart Rate Monitor – Bowflex® with Chest Strap

Move in time to your own personal beat!

Monitor your workout's intensity and consistently improve your gains with a Bowflex Heart Rate Monitor with a Chest Strap. This simple, comfortable tool will assist you in staying in your targeted cardio zone! Control your heart rate and kick your fitness level into high gear!

Convenient, continuous tracking

The Bowflex Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap tracks your heart rate continuously during your workout. The sensor (worn across your chest) does all the work by wirelessly transmitting the ECG-accurate readings to your wrist monitor. No need to stop your workout and wait for a reading!
The Bowflex Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap will monitor the beating of your heart while you exercise. The chest strap holds a monitor to your body, which transmits ECG-accurate information wirelessly to your wrist monitor. Never stop, keep going, no need to wait for a reading!

Special Features

  • Easy-to-read, large display
  • High and low target zone alarms
  • Stopwatch and countdown timer
  • 12/24 hour format
  • Calendar
  • Water resistant
  • Accurate ECG heart rate readings
  • Scan showing maximum, average, and minimum heart rate
  • Time of day
  • Changeable chest strap battery