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Tai Cheng Workout
Tai Cheng Workout
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Tai Cheng Workout - Now Available!

Tai Cheng is the creation of martial artist Dr. Mark Cheng, a twelve week fitness regime that targets the whole body and has been created to deliver immediate results and long term benefits through the practice of the ancient art of Tai Chi (pronounced "tie-CHEE").

What's included With Your Purchase?

  • Included in Tai  Cheng Workout: 7DVDs

    12 Workouts

    These will assist your development of strength, stability, balance, and control to increase flexibility and reduce stiffness.

  • Included in Tai Cheng Workout: tape and progress tracker

    Quick intro + Easy Does It" Guidebook

    Learn about your Tai Cheng program and how to get the most from it. Also assess your current movement abilities.

  • Included in Tai Cheng Workout: Nutrition Guide

    Feel Better" Food Plan

    Nutrition is key, and this recipe book is filled with tasty, easy-to-prepare meals and healthy snack ideas to help maintain energy while you improve your fitness.

  • Included in Tai Cheng Workout:Calendar

    Daily Workout Calendar

    What to do and when as you learn to master Tai Cheng.

  • Included in Tai Cheng Workout: Blue foam roller

    Blue Foam Roller

    Pro fitness tool that helps you release tension and muscle knots.

  • Included in Tai Cheng Workout: Yellow strength band

    Low Strength Resistance Bands

    Develop your muscle strength with these resistance training tools.

  • Included in Tai Cheng Workout: Medium Strength Resistance Band

    Medium Strength Resistance Band

    Develop your muscle strength with these resistance training tools.

  • Included in Les Mills Pump Workout: Just it this guide

    Just Eat This" Guide

    A week long menu plan to help you jump-start your weight loss or nutritional program.

  • Included in Les Mills Pump Workout: Applied Tai Cheng Bonus DVD

    Applied Tai Cheng: Bonus DVD

    2 ten minute segments that will help you to use Tai Cheng to travel with greater ease and improve your game.

  • Included in Les Mills Pump Workout: measuring tape

    Measuring Tape

    Crucial for keeping track of your progress.

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Tai Cheng - Renew Your Energy in just 90 Days!

What is Tai Chi? It is a martial art that has been practiced for centuries in China, and is while it is a combat system it is undertaken due to its incredible health and body conditioning improvements. Today many experts in the field of health concur that there is a strong correlation between practicing Tai Chi and developing your mind, body, and general health.

Dr. Mark Cheng's Tai Cheng practice will take you through a gentle, invigorating warm-up and the practice of key Tai Chi moves. These will assist in strengthening places that are weak, will tone and lengthen your muscles while also torching calories. The tangential benefits are that you will improve your flexibility, balance, and reduce stiffness.

Even professional athletes discover that this program can assist them in taking their athletic performance to the next level. For those looking to lose weight, Tai Cheng will help you drop pounds in a healthy, safe manner as your whole physique changes. Whether fit or looking to become fit, these daily routines can help you become calmer, stronger, more energetic and balanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it effective? Will I get Results?

As children we have natural and perfect alignment, strength, and flexibility. As we age, we slowly lose this balance and grow accustomed to being sore, to aching, and increasing stiffness. That need not be the case the practice of Tai Chi can help you reduce and reverse these trends through its gentle movements so that your joints become more flexible, tension drains from your body, and you develop the balance, flexibility and energy that you had as a child.

Further, it can help you increase your muscle strength, blood circulation, lung capacity, and even boost your immune system. You will improve posture, energy levels, and regain that natural exuberance and flexibility that you enjoyed as a child.

How does It Work?

Dr. Mark Cheng has taken his decades of experience with Tai Chi and helped synthesize it into a basic teaching concept that allows even complete novices to immediately begin to enjoy this ancient art. Through his technique called Dynamic Motion Control he will help you first learn the basic postures, then how to link them together, and then how to proceed through the entire routine as if it were a long and continuous dance. This introductory method can help you slip into the practice seamlessly and with perfect ease so that you can immediately begin to appreciate the benefits of Tai Chi.

Why is Tai Cheng And Not Another Program?

Tai Cheng is much more than a simple Tai Chi instructional DVD. In this package you will find a complete synthesis and of ancient Chinese martial arts with the cutting edge in modern movement training. This program's fusion of different exercises for both your body and mind will assist you in improving your health in a profound way.

You begin each day with a Neural Reboot the warm-up that starts each session a practice that awakens and stimulates your whole body and mind for your  practice, and give you a platform of strength, stability, and safety. Further you will learn a routine that enhances flexibility and balance, increasing your energy levels and decreasing your pain. This will all help you improve greater physical control and body awareness. It will stimulate and awaken your underused muscles and allow those that are overtaxed to relax as your body re-balances itself.

Who is Dr. Mark Cheng?

Dr. Mark Cheng is the creator of the program. Not only is he a talented martial arts master trainer with three decades of training in Tai Chi, but he also holds a PhD in ancient Chinese medicine and acupuncture and is a licensed acupuncturist, traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, and physical therapy based corrective exercise expert.

Dr. Cheng synthesized Tai Cheng from his wide array of disciplines and areas of knowledge, and combined his practice of martial arts and the health and wellness practices of Tai Chi and Qi Gong (CHEE-kung) with modern sports science and functional movement training. He currently has a thriving practice in Santa Monica, California, and travels worldwide for health conferences.

Buy Tai Cheng Workout Now