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Ultimate Reset Cleanse
Ultimate Reset Cleanse
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Ultimate Reset: Beachbody's New Cleanse Program

It's no secret that today's world is hazardous to our health. Whether we're breathing smog and pollution as we make our way through traffic, consuming contaminated food that has been poisoned by new strains of bacteria or modified through heavy use of growth hormones, artificial preservatives, sweeteners or worse, whether it's because we don't get enough sleep, drink and smoke or worse, our health nationally is  on the decline. What's rising is illness, disease, obesity rates and diabetes, and despite our attempts to stay healthy and live clean we can't help but ingest and absorb chemicals and foreign substances daily. That's why Beachbody has decided to release the Ultimate Reset—the ultimate way to not only detoxify your body, but to ensure that your insides are as healthy and vital as their other programs will leave your outside.

What's included in Ultimate Reset?

  • Included in Ulitimate Reset: 2 DVD's

    2 Workouts

    Reset Your Health and Cooking Class DVD

  • Included in Ultimate Reset: Quick start guidebook

    Quick Start Guidebook

    These easy instructions contain crucial information to ensure you get started right.

  • Included in Ultimate Reset: Nutrition Guide

    Nutrition Guide

    Absolutely crucial to this program is this step-by-step guide to your 21-day Ultimate Reset journey and our 3-phase Ultimate Reset healthy meal plan.

  • Included in Ultimate Reset: Oxigenize


    Enhance your immune system and assist your body's detoxification by providing supplemental oxygen to your body.*

  • Included in Ultimate Reset: Mineralize


    Support your systems with our natural Himalayan salt which contains 84 essential minerals and trace elements. Assists in nutrient absorption and helps nervous system function.*

  • Included in Ultimate Reset: Optimize


    Enhance your immune system and control your natural inflammatory response with our proprietary blend of systemic enzymes with added camu-camu.*

  • Included in Ultimate Reset: Revitalize


    Restore your balance of healthy bacteria in your gastro-intestinal tract with our formula that includes both prebiotics and probiotics.*

  • Included in Ultimate Reset: Detox


    Promote healthy digestive function and optimal immune system response with our exclusive combination of natural spices and organic fiber.*

  • Included in Ultimate Reset: Alkalinize


    Aid your natural inflammatory response for a better immune system with a super-green blend that helps maintain body alkalinity, adjusting your body back to a healthy pH balance.*

Is doing a cleanse a good idea?

After all there are literally dozens of them out there, ranging from venerable cleanses that are decades old to the latest and strangest fads. Most of these cleanses however have not been thought out by professional nutritionists, and ultimately can lead to your dehydration and malnutrition. None of them address your body's need for essential nutrients, or the effect on your metabolism when you fast or go on an extreme diet. The Ultimate Reset does, and is formulated to benefit your body on all levels.

It's simple. The program is divided into three phases, with each doing wonders for your body. In the first phase you Reclaim your body by cutting down on the foods that stress your digestive system and trouble your stomach. In the second phase you Release the toxins that you have built up, and in the final phase you Restore your metabolism to full power by consuming all the stimulating and best nutrients that will benefit your body. Through this process you cleanse and  recuperate, so that you can hit the ground running when you are done at optimal health.