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Beachbody Fuel Shot
Beachbody Fuel Shot
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FUEL SHOT – Now Available!

Are you focused and ready to take your workout results to the next level? Are you ready to harness the full power of your body's recovery system so as to realize the greatest growth? If you want to bulk up, if you want to exceed your expectations, then Beachbody's FUEL SHOT is exactly what you've been waiting for. Now there's no excuse: nothing can hold you back with the FUEL SHOT in your corner!


What is Beachbody's FUEL SHOT?


A Beachbody workout can bring a world class trainer into your living room who's ready to tell you exactly what to do in order to have a total body transformation—but if you don't have the energy and reserves to go through with the workout, it won't matter. Our bodies need fuel and energy to keep going, to pump out one last rep, to last that final minute, and that's where having the FUEL SHOT is essential.

This supplement is a potent combination of dextrose and maltodextrin, along with a small dose of protein and electrolytes. Dextrose is a simple carb, which means that your body will absorb it rapidly into your bloodstream, where as blood sugar is can give you a real punch and raise your energy like nothing else. Maltodextrin is a complex carb, which means it has to be processed by your liver where it is slowly released into your blood, making it more of a long term supply of fuel.


Further, the protein that is found in FUEL SHOT will be naturally carried along with the glucose into your muscle cells, making it a more potent  combination, bringing you energy and helping replenish your muscle growth. The electrolytes will ensure that no matter how much you sweat, you'll never run short of key elements that most people are prone to lose when they push their limits.

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Nutritional Label

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Why Does It Work


It's very simple. When you exercise, you burn up energy. You torch your glycogen supplies in your muscle and liver, and then in short order burn through your glucose supply in your blood. From there, you're forced to either start catabolizing the protein in your muscle, or trying to harness energy from your fat reserves. Either way, you're in danger of 'bonking', or running into your wall as your body simply runs out of readily available fuel.


Taking a dose of this supplement however will ensure that bonking will never happen to you. If you take it after your workout, you will replenish all your glycogen and glucose supplies in short order. If you drink it during your workout, you will make sure that your energy levels stay high. If you drink it right before your workout, you will be able to power through like nobody's business.


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How Much Do You Need?


The FUEL SHOT works best in combination. Carbs are the quickest way to deliver energy to your body, and they can speed up the process of how long it takes for other substances to be absorbed as well. That's why it's recommended that any dose of FUEL SHOT be accompanied by M.A.X. Creatine or Beachbody's E&E.


When it comes to figuring out how much  you need, simply take 2 scoops with your favorite protein powder and  a splash of water or juice to wash it down.


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Who Is It For?


If you're tackling an extreme workout, then you need FUEL SHOT. Too many people complain about crashing, fatigue, lethargy and loss of focus when pushing themselves beyond their limits, and that's when people quit and give up. To make sure you don't suffer that fate, take this supplement and ensure that you'll power through any energy draining moments, allowing you to recover like a champ and maximize your returns with any workout that you do.

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