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Body Beast
Body Beast
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The NEW body Beast Workout

Get Big, increase your confidence level and get healthy with Body Beast. No longer are extreme muscle gains limited to elite body builders. With this new training system,  you can undergo radical development with the knowledge and expertise of the masters. All you need is the desire to work hard and grow, and Body Beast will do the rest with a systematic workout schedule together with a growth-inducing nutrition plan and specially formulated supplements.

What's included With Your Purchase?

  • Included in BodyBeast 12 DVDs

    12 Workouts DVDs to Deliver Huge Muscles

    DVD 1 to 4: Hits every muscle of the body.
    DVD 5 to 5: Focuses in muscle cell enlargement.
    DVD 10 to 12: With fat-burning cardio, relentless circuit-training, and intense core work.

  • Included in BodyBeast Workout: Nutrition Guide

    Nutrition Guide

    Exceptional bodies are made in the kitchen. This comprehensive guide provides a calorie calculator, food lists, and suggested supplements.

  • Included in BodyBeast Workout: Calendar


    We've done the homework for you! Simply follow the calendar and you will know exactly what to do every day of your workout.

  • Included in BodyBeast Workout: Lucky 7 DVD

    Lucky 7 Bonus DVD

    Exclusive bonus dvd with 7 more exercises, 7 more pyramids to build 7 times the muscle!

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Pack on the muscle with Body Beast!


What is the Body Beast workout? It's the ultimate in extreme programs, designed by Sagi Kalev to help you absolutely maximize muscle gain AND boost your confidence. While still in development, we'll post updates as they are released, so check back frequently to learn more.

This system is unique in that it is one of the few all-encompassing body-building, nutrition and supplement systems on the market.

Sagi Kalev took his passion for bodybuilding to the next level when he acquired his degree in physical education from the University Of Central Florida with a minor in nutrition. Combining his extensive knowledge with practical experience, Sagi has written a nutrition plan specifically for the program. Many trainers expect you to follow their lead without acquiring the results themselves, but not Sagi: after graduating from college, he succeeded in the world of fitness modeling and acting.

Not only did he compete in numerous bodybuilding competitions, but he has won 2 "Mr. Israel" competitions along with a number of others. He's also appeared on the cover of Men's Workout, Iron Man, and Muscle & Fitness magazines, and several other publications. Finally, after years of success, Sagi decided to turn his knowledge, wisdom, and passion for bodybuilding toward training and working with people of all ages and fitness levels to help them succeed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Body beast right for you?

It is if you answer these questions with a YES:

  • Get big using one of the most natural systems possible.

  • Are you ready to improve your health and muscle strength?

  • Are you looking for a complete body-building system that teaches you how to use a healthy eating plan and supplements, the way pros do?
  • Who Is  Sagi Kalev?

    Sagi Kalev, creator of BODY BEAST™, has been building muscle since the age of sixteen. He says that a four year tour of duty in the Israeli army taught him the focus, discipline, determination, and respect that allowed him to excel in the field of body building.

    What's The Philosophy Behind The Program?

    When it came to creating the  program, Sagi followed the exact same philosophy that took him to the top of so many competitions: To not just be the biggest, but to be the best at what he does.

    The "Beast" is all about technique and a strong foundation—not just about maxing your lift. Through your physical improvement you work on your character, and feel better about yourself as you follow the Sagi Kalev way.

    Who Is  Sagi Kalev?

    When your sole goal is get maximum muscle growth as quickly as possible, you need to ensure that you take the very best and most cutting edge legal supplements available. That’s why Beachbody’s Extreme Nutritional family of supplements is the perfect and safe way to ensure you get the very best results possible.


    Beachbody® Hardcore Base Shake

    Protein is what our body needs to build greater lean body muscle mass, which is why Beachbody’s Hardcore Base Shake is essential for your workout program: it’s potent whey protein composite will give your body all the muscle-building fuel it needs.

    With each scoop packing a powerful 18 grams of protein and being completely free of any artificial sweeteners, colorants, or flavoring, this is the elite gold standard for high quality protein supplementation. The complete lack of flavor allows you to combine it with everything from fruit juice to milk to water, and greatly expands your ability to drink it any time of day.


    Beachbody® Fuel Shot

    It’s essential that you maintain maximum strength and momentum throughout your workout, and don’t crash due to a huge expenditure of energy, which is why Beachbody Fuel Shot is key to maximizing your workout gains. Composed of fast acting dextrose- and slow acting maltodextrin, this energy drink is designed to elevate your pre-, during, and post-workout performance.

    Better yet, it comes free of any artificial sweeteners, colorants, or flavors, allowing you to add it to a chilled glass of orange juice, your thermos of hot coffee, or even a blender filled with milk and peanut butter. Versatility is key to long term success, and Beachbody’s Fuel Shot will give you exactly that. 


    Beachbody® M.A.X. Muscle Acceleration Xtreme Creatine

    Creatine is the number one favorite supplement of elite athletes everywhere. Completely legal and incredibly potent, it’s a substance that we already create naturally in our bodies, but its supplementation can give us incredible energy for those last few vital reps that make all the difference. No serious body builder should go without it!


    Beachbody® Suma Root

    Super Suma , known as Brazilian ginseng, the Russian secret behind their Olympic dominance in the ‘70s, and ‘para tudo’ amongst the natives that have been taking this root for centuries, this powder is a highly refined and pure supplement that will help with everything from boosting your strength, elevating your energy levels, helping you recover faster, and even adding fire to your sexual prowess.


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