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Brazil Butt Lift Master Series
Brazil Butt Lift Master Series
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Brazil Butt lift master series

If you thought supermodel trainer Leandro Carvalho had shown you all his secrets in The Brazil Butt Lift, then you were wrong—he's bringing his most challenging and intense moves in his Master Series, allowing all those in pursuit of the perfect beach body to test their limits as they refine and perfect their booties beyond their dreams. Are you ready to rock that bikini like never before?

What's included in Brazil Butt Lift master series?

  • Included in Brazil Butt Lift: 3 DVD's

    3 Workouts in 3 DVD's

    DVD 1: Bikini Body
    DVD 2: Higher & Tighter
    DVD 3: Ipanema Booty

  • Included in Brazil Butt Lift: Nutrition Guide

    Weekend in Brazil - 3 day Cleanse

    Clear out all those toxins and start your workout feeling fresh and rejuvenated as you follow this cleanse designed for a supermodel approach to working out!

  • Included in Brazil Butt Lift Workout: Calendar

    Master Series 30 Day Calendar

    You need to know when to do what if you're going to stay on top of your workout—and your goals. Follow this calendar toward success!

  • Included in Brazil Butt Workout: Sculpting Guide

    Sculpting Guide

    This guide is essential to the Brazil Butt Lift Master Series, as it contains Leandro's nutrition and workout plans to help you get on track and stay there throughout your workout.

  • Included in Brazil Butt Lift: Balance ball

    Stability Ball

    The stabiliy ball may look like a beach ball you will soon be playing with, but it's going to be all work and no play. As you lift, twist, turn and stretch your way toward the perfect body!

  • Included in Brazil Butt Lift Master Series: Bonus DVD Cardio Carnivale

    Cardio Carnivale Bonus DVD

    Exclusive bonus dvd with 7 more exercises, 7 more pyramids to build 7 times the muscle!


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What's This Workout All About?

Leandro first burst onto the scene when his NYC fitness classes gathered city-wide attention and were named the very best of New York. Soon, fitness models, lingerie models, and super models were flying into NYC to experience the very best in training from Leandro, as he helped them unlock the secrets of a perfect Brazilian booty, the results of which were soon walking down catwalks in Milan, Paris, and New York. Beachbody, recognizing Leandro's natural talent for helping people develop their ultimate beauty, contacted him and together they released THE BRAZIL BUTT LIFT WORKOUT, a stunning collection of moves and grooves that revolutionized fitness training for those intent on developing the perfect booty.


The Brazil Butt Lift Master Series takes his original workout to the next level by introducing a series of challenging moves based on Leandro's more advanced classes. No longer holding back, Leandro will push you to your limit as he helps you continue to refine and sculpt not only  your perfect booty but your whole body. Prepare to have an upper body, lower body, and all round session with stability ball training augmented with hand weights and ankle weights. Tougher, more intense, and more refined, these workouts will really take your beach body to the next level!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Leandro Carvalho

Leandro Carvalho exploded onto the NYC fitness scene with his Brazil Butt Lift class which he taught out of the prestigious Upper Westside Equinox. Soon his classes were packed, and his fitness class was rated the best in Manhattan by Time Out New York. Word of his results began to spread, and Leandro's incredible technique began to attract supermodels who wished to benefit from his wisdom and workouts. Today models who have trained under Leandro have walked the runways of Milan, Paris, and New York, and his fame is only growing.

What Are The Workouts Like?

- BIKINI BODY: The Master Series is expanding its focus beyond your fabulous rear to your whole body, delivering incredible results as it tones and sculpts your arms, core, and back with these series of balance ball exercises. Further, extra moves with Resistance Bads will challenge you to develop those long   lean muscles like never before!

- HIGHER & TIGHTER: Take that stability ball and prepare to blast your booty and core as you follow Leandro through some devilishly difficult moves. Twist, lift, turn, and stretch, bringing a delicious burn to your booty from all angles and sides as you fight to maintain your balance!

- IPANEMA BOOTY: The secret to Leandro's technique is the Tri-Angle approach, and here he takes his moves to the max through a complex series of lunges, deadlifts, squats, and progressive leg lifts, attacking your booty from every angle and direction to deliver the ultimate results.

Is This Wokrout Right For You?

Do you desire the perfect booty, sculpted and round and deliciously curvaceous? Are you looking for some lift, some body, to tighten up what you have so that it looks gorgeous in either a pair of designer jeans or a bikini at the beach? If so, then Leandro's Master Series is right for you, because it will take the results you achieved in his base Brazil Butt Lift class and kick it to the next level with a whole new slew of more intense, more challenging exercises.

Why Is This Workout Unique?

Leandro's vaunted Tri-Angle technique is back and even more refined then before. Your rear is made of three different muscles: your Gluteus Maximus, your Gluteus Medius, and your Gluteus Minimus. To tackle all three so that they grow in harmony you need to attack your rear with much more than just lunges and squats, which is why Leandro's background in dance and applied fitness has resulted in his revolutionary Tri-Angle system. The Master Series takes his system and adds resistance bands, core work through stability ball training, and full body toning to help your bum bum look like the center piece of your whole body masterpiece!