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ChaLean Extreme
ChaLean Extreme
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Are you ready for a transformation that will not only change your body but also change your life? Well, get ready because ChaLean Extreme is the ultimate fat-burning, muscle building, body beautifying program!
ChaLean Extreme is a new circuit training system based on the fact that MUSCLE BURNS FAT! Each and every member of the test group that followed this 90 day workout plan transformed their body, and had amazing visible results in just 30 days.
Follow the ChaLean Extreme fitness system and your body will go from flabby to lean, sculpted, toned and cut. You will look like a brand new person, but best of all you will feel like a brand new person!

The Science behind ChaLean Extreme

With ChaLean Extreme your body will change in every 30-day phase. You will begin in the BURN PHASE, then progress through the PUSH PHASE and the LEAN PHASE. For maintenance or further body transformation you have the option to move through the LEAN FOR LIFE PHASE.
ChaLean Extreme is specifically designed to keep your body challenged with Chalene’s proven combinations of “periodization” and “breakdown” sets. You will understand how these two proven fitness principals work hand in hand to give your body extreme fitness results.

What are these phases all about?

Phase 1: BURN. During this phase you will get your metabolism going by lifting weights. Your goal is to push your muscle to failure in just 10-12 reps. You will be working both your upper and lower body. Get ready to see new muscle definition appear right before your eyes!

Phase 2: PUSH. This phase teaches you how to lift heavy in order to build the muscle that is critical to burn fat. You will be pushing your muscles beyond their comfort zone, and try to fail between 6-8 reps. You will be training one body part at a time for maximum strength building.

Phase 3: LEAN. Now that you built the muscle, Chalene will show you revolutionary routines that will melt the fat away. You will be working your upper body, lower body and your core all at the same time. This is the period where you will see major fat loss.

Phase 4: LEAN FOR LIFE. This is the phase that shows you how to keep it up after you have worked so hard during phase 1-2 and 3.

What is Lean Phasing?

It is easy to perform the same routine over and over again. The problem is that by doing so, you reach a plateau and stop seeing results. This is where lean phasing comes in to save the day!
Lean Phasing is based on the principle called “periodization”, which means “mixing it up” or “continual challenge”. And with ChaLean Extreme that is exactly what you get. You will notice that each workout focuses on different sections of your body. You will not only be challenging your muscles, but you will also allow them to rest so they can repair and recover. That is how you build muscle, and muscle burns fat!

What you get

  • 15 amazing workouts:


01- Burn Basics: This is our introduction to the philosophy, technique, and fundamentals that make ChaLean Extreme.
02- Band Basics: Shows you proper positioning and techniques when using resistance bands instead of weights.

These 3 strength training programs will become staple workouts for the first phase – The Burn Phase. You will start breaking down those extra reserves of fat and start revving your body’s fat burning capability. These are moderate weight training workouts that will have you working your upper and lower body. You will also learn the basic principle of “breakdown” sets.

All this included in workout:

03- Burn Circuit 1
04- Burn Circuit 2
05- Burn Circuit 3


The PUSH Circuit workouts are performed during the second phase of strength training programs. These workouts focus in intense, heavy lifting. You will work either your upper or lower body in singular muscle group focused moves. You will be able to push your muscles to the max. The “breakdown sets” performed during these workouts will really “up” the intensity and recruit more muscle fibers so you are maximizing all the benefits of the Lean Phasing principles.

All this included in workout

06- Push Circuit 1
07- Push Circuit 2
08- Push Circuit 3

These inspiring workouts are really going to push your body to get lean. These strength circuit workouts focus on dynamic, functional movements that have your upper, lower and core centers working simultaneously.

All this included in workout

09-Lean Circuit 1
10-Lean Circuit 2
11-Lean Circuit 3

Extreme Cardio:

12- Burn Intervals: A combination strength cardio training program that alternates bursts of intense activity with intervals of lighter activity.
13-Recharge: On days you are not doing strength or cardio training, this program will help you rejuvenate lengthen and stretch your hard working muscles.

AB Workouts: Alternate between 2 extreme ab routines. These workouts will help you shrink, tighten and tone your core, because somewhere under there, you’ve got a six pack waiting to break through!
All this included in workout

14- Ab Burner
15- Extreme Abs


Extra Motivating tools:

  • Muscle Burns Fat! Guidebook: This guidebook provides the complete blueprint for how to get maximum results with the ChaLean Extreme program.
  • Healthy Eats and Kitchen Makeover: We all know that nutrition is half the battle. Come right inside Chalene’s kitchen and you will learn how to stock your pantry with healthy stuff. Eating right doesn’t have to be boring anymore.
  • Fat Burning Food Guide: Loaded with savory, healthy and simple recipes.
  • Extra Motivating Audio CD: You will get a burst of inspiration from Chalene’s mouth right into your ears. With her candor, wit and experience, she will teach you how to stay on track and obtain success beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Thigh Toning Band: With this band you will amp your lower body workout to the max.
  • Body Fat Tester: This fat caliper will help you measure and track your results. With this easy to use device you will be able to assess the change in your body fat composition.

What do I need?

  • Resistance bands or weights.
  • Weighted gloves to increase the intensity of the workouts (optional)

WARNING: Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.
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