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Focus T25
Focus T25
Focus T25
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Focus T25: Extreme Results in Only 25 Minutes A Day

It's finally here: Shaun T's latest fat incinerating workout that will help you get fit faster and in less time. Are you ready to get crazy results through workouts that only require up to 25 minutes a day? If so, then FOCUS T25 is for you!

what's included With Your Purchase!

  • Included in Focus T25: 10 discs

    10  Workouts that deliver incredible results

    You'll get 5 Alpha workouts and 5 Beta workouts all less than 25 minutes long.

  • Included in Focus T25 Workout: Nutrition Guide

    Get it done Nutrition Guide

    It simplifies your eating schedule by helping you design a healthy, clean and quick approach to nutrition.

  • Included in  Focus T 25 Workout: Lucky 7 DVD

    Quick start  Fitness Guide

    Will help you hit the ground running and lose weight fast!

  • Included in Focus T25 Workout: Calendar


    Do the right workout the right day by following this easy to use calendar.

  • Included in Focus T 25 Workout: Resistance Bands

    B-line resistance bands

    These bands are key to add extra resistance to your workouts and take your fat loss to the next level.

  • Included in Focus T 25: Strech Workout

    Stretch workout

    You are going to need to stretch those muscles! Prepare to relax and treat yourself on your sixth day of your schedule.

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25 Minutes it's all it takes!

FOCUS T25 is Shaun T's latest creation that puts you through five workouts a week, none of which take more than thirty minutes, for ten weeks total. How can such short workouts deliver results? Easy. Shaun T's expertise has allowed him to craft the ultimate in 'lean' workouts that still delivers a punch. There's no time wasted – instead, you'll be pushing yourself to the max and finding new limits for yourself as you power through cardio and resistance moves that require minimal equipment to do. As Shaun T says, "GET IT DONE!"

Life is only getting more hectic, with work, kids, commitments and sleep taking up all our time and leaving precious little for ourselves – or our health. That's where Shaun T is stepping in to make a difference, and help you get the fitness results you desire even if you feel like you've got no time in which to work out. How? Focus T25. From the creator of INSANITY, the #1 fitness DVD workout in America, comes Focus T25, a new combination of high intensity moves that will have you shedding fat and getting lean in less than thirty minutes a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Focus T25 Work?

Shaun T comes from a track and field background, and has developed a number of devastatingly effective workouts over the course of his career. From the core focused HIP HOP ABS to the infamous INSANITY workout, Shaun T has amassed a wealth of knowledge on what it takes to get you in shape, and applied himself to create this 10 week program.

All you have to do is put yourself through these workouts, none of which are longer than thirty minutes, five days a week. There are two cycles to the workout: ALPHA and BETA, each of which are five weeks long, or exactly half the entire program. There is no time wasted on this program, absolutely nothing you don't need. Everything has been reduced to the most essential components.

What comes with the FOCUS T25 Workout?

If you start with the base kit, you get 10 featured workouts plus 1 bonus workout on 9 DVD's. That right there is the essential core, where all the knowledge and motivation is contained. Beyond that, you get the Quick Start Guide to help you hit the ground running, the Get It Done Nutrition Guide to make sure you are consuming the highest level fuel for your body to run on, and the ALPHA-BETA calendars to help you negotiate the 10 week course.

Finally, you also get the Stretch Workout, which helps you keep your body healthy and injury free, the 5-Day Fast Track plan which will help you jump start your weight loss, and a B-Lines Resistance Band to help you add resistance to your workouts.

What are the workouts like?

If you order the Base Kit you get: Ten Workouts

• ALPHA: Cardio is a calorie torching, muscle burning, cardio focused workout.

• ALPHA: Ab Intervals will take you to the mat and focus on your abs with brief recovery periods between each bout. Get yourself that eight pack!

• ALPHA: Speed 1.0 delivers insanely fast results through this super speed workout. Move fast as you burn fat in your lower body.

• ALPHA: Lower Focus is where you really ramp up your metabolism so as to burn more fat by focusing on those large muscles in your lower body.

• ALPHA: Total Body Circuit brings resistance training into focus without asking you to lift a single weight.


• BETA: Core Cardio will make you sweat like never before as progressive intensity makes you lose your cool.

• BETA: Dynamic Core is designed to make you go from vertical to horizontal and back in the blink of an eye, torching your core.

• BETA: Speed 2.0 will take it to the next level as you up your game and try out these challenging moves.

• BETA: Upper Focus delivers the moves required to sculpt your upper body.

• BETA: Rip't Circuit is a repeating workout comprised of cardio, upper body, legs and abs, causing you to get RIPPED as you push yourself harder than ever before.


• Stretch Workout (also 25 min): you are going to need to stretch out those muscles after these workouts – prepare to relax and treat yourself on your sixth day!



Does Focus 25 work?

If you give this program your all, don't slack, don't skip workouts, and really try to maintain the intensity that Shaun T requires? Then yes – FOCUS T25 will help rev your metabolism, help you burn fat, and get into better shape. Major studies have demonstrated that thirty minutes of high intensity exercise can burn as much fat as a full hour session – and prove to be even more efficient.

What You Will Need?

Good news! Everything you need is included in the box.

Is FOCUS T25 for me?

Ask yourself this: are you pressed for time, do you desire to be in better shape, and are you looking for the most efficient and effective program out there to help you get started? If so, then FOCUS T25 is for you!