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Great Body Guaranteed!
Great Body Guaranteed!
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Great Body Guaranteed is a complete body workout program that targets separate muscle groups one at a time.

Based on the science of Sectional Progression, Tony Horton and Debbie Siebers put together this workout routine that will deliver dramatic results in no time!

You will be targeting a single muscle group at a time for maximum definition without wasting any effort. Perfect for those with busy schedules, this routine will deliver spectacular results in less than 10 minutes a day in just 30 days!

Now available at Extreme Fitness Results, you can either purchase the whole collection for $ 24.95 ( plus S+H), or the individual body part workout DVDs for $ 9.95 each (plus S+H)

What you get

  •  5 short and effective workout routines:
01-Thin Thighs Guaranteed: Get lean and sexy thighs with this 8 minute workout routine.
02-Great Abs Guaranteed: Give the trainers 7 minutes of your time and they will show you how to get the flat sexy abs of your dreams.
03-Great Stretch Guaranteed: With this workout you will be able to get more flexible and reduce risks of injuries.
04-Great Arms Guaranteed: This arm routine will help you sculpt lean, firm arms in
no time.
05-Great Buns Guaranteed: Get dramatic results with this routine that helps you tighten and tone your buns!

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