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Insanity Asylum
Insanity Asylum
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Before & After Pictures for The Asylum Workout From Real Users.

Brazil Butt Lift Before & After picture of Carolyn B.

Brendan M.

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Insanity Asylum: The Madness Continues!

Just When You Thought the Madness Was Over…They all said that the Insanity Workout was the most extreme workout ever put on DVD. They all said that there would never be any way to top it, to design a workout more extreme, more intense, more challenging. They were wrong.

What's included With Your Purchase? All This!

  • Included in Brazil Butt Lift: 5 Workouts on 3 DVDs + Bonus Workout

    6 Intense Sports Training Workout

    Speed & Agility, Vertical Plyo, Relief, Strength, Game Day and Back to Core.

  • Included in Brazil Butt Lift: Booty Makeover Guide

    Nutrition Plan

    A complete nutrition guide that will show you what to eat to get the most out of your workout.

  • Included in Brazil Butt Lift: Measurement Tracker Card and Tape Measure

    Workout Calendar

    Follow THE ASYLUM Calendar on a daily basis  to train like the pros do.

  • Included in Brazil Butt Lift: Fat Burning Food Guide

    Guide Playbook

     A simple 30 day  step-by-step guide that will map  out  the road to transforming your body and your health.

  • Included in Brazil Butt Lift: Strength Band

    Agility Ladder

    The agility ladder is the perfect  tool to improve your agility and form.

  • Included in Brazil Butt Lift: 6-Day Supermodel Slimdown plan

    Speed Rope

    Never underestimate the power of a jump rope. This portable tool will help you improve your overall speed, agility and results.

  • Included in Brazil Butt Lift: Pencil

    Athletic Performance Assessment

    Ste the baseline of your fitness level and track your improvement with this 25 minutes assessment  dvd tool.

  • Included in Brazil Butt Lift: Triangle Training Workout Cards


    Add this 15-minute beast to the ASYLUM workout  of the day and see if you still got game.

Brazil Butt Lift Buy Now

Buy Brazil Butt Lift Now

Introducing  Asylum Vol. 1

It's been 18 months since Shaun T put out the Insanity Workout, 18 months during which hundreds of thousands of people have completed the workout and asked the million dollar question: What now? Well, Beachbody and Shaun T have finally stepped up to the plate with the latest in extreme workouts, Insanity Asylum Workout, a 30 day program of progressive sports drills.

The Five Pillars of Fitness

Explosive Movements

Explosive Movements

Activating the fast-twitch muscle fibers

Explosive Movements


Reshape your body and refine your appearance

Explosive Movements


Align your center of gravity to improve balance

Explosive Movements


Reach optimum fitness level and help prevent injury

Explosive Movements


Strengthen you heart & increase lung capacity

Asylum Workouts Inspired & Focuses All These Sports







High Jump

High Jump



Basket Ball

Basket Ball

Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing



What is The Asylum Workout?

Insanity Asylum is not just more of the same, but a new way of exercising and challenging itself. It is designed to enhance your sports skills, helping you prepare for 'Game Day' so that whatever sport you are playing you will be as ready as is physically possible to dominate.

Shaun T has created The Asylum around the goal of helping you develop coordination, balance, flexibility, an incredible cardio engine and explosive power so as to help you take control of the field. You will burn more calories than you thought possible, lose weight like never before & come out the other end an even tougher, meaner machine than you thought was possible!

Just as Insanity, the Asylum is an incredibly explosive and high demanding workout so make sure that before you tackle each workout you are well rested and your nutrition levels are good. If you feel you need extra energy we've got you covered with our pre - workout Energy and Endurance Formula. A perfect formulation that will boost your energy levels and help you tackle this beast!


Special Offer: Free Workout DVD

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Bonus Pure Contact Workout DVD

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Brazil Butt Lift Buy Now

Buy Brazil Butt Lift Now
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