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Les Mills Pump Workout
Les Mills Pump Workout
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LES MILLS PUMP workout program - Now Available!

Les Mills International and Beachbody have worked together to produce the amazing LES MILLS PUMP workout, the 1st totally inclusive at-home DVD fitness program based on the internationally famous BODYPUMP® gym classes.

What's included in Less mills Pump Workout?

  • Included in Les Mills Pump Workout: 7DVDs

    7 Dvd's

    The LES MILLS PUMP workout comes with seven fat-torching, sculpted-body building workouts

  • Included in Les Mills Pump Workout: tape and progress tracker

    Tape Measure and Progress Tracker

    Watch as the inches disappear, and track those changes so you to have a record of how fast and effective this workout is!

  • Included in Les Mills Pump Workout: Nutrition Guide

    Nutrition Guide

    Get Lean Nutrition Guide. Beachbody's 3 Phase Nutrition Plan will help take the LES MILLS workout to the next level as you fire up your metabolism.

  • Included in Les Mills Pump Workout: Fitness Guide

    Fitness Guide

    Lean, Strong & Unstoppable Fitness Guide. 90 days is all it takes to revolutionize your body, and this guide will help you chart out each step of the way.

  • Included in Les Mills Pump Workout:  Barbell


    The oldest and still best workout tool, and an absolute must for the serious body builder. This tool will transform your body and torch fat like nothing else. Comes with a padded grip and is easy to assemble

  • Included in Les Mills Pump Workout: Weights

    Weight Plates

    2 5-lb. and 2 10-lb. weight plates. Time to increase the intensity of your routines by adding more weight? These vinyl-coated plates make that easy to challenge yourself to the next level

  • Included in Les Mills Pump Workout: Stoppers

    Safetly Clips

    These will prevent your weights from slipping off your barbell and ensure maximum safety as you work out.

Buy Les Mills Pump Workout Now

les Mills will take your body To The Next Level

Followed by literally millions around the world, it's simply the best and most effective way to get in shape. Using the barbell to accomplish fast weight loss and generate awesome strength gains, The LES MILLS PUMP workout torches calories to deliver your dream body. If your goal is to have iron abs, long and lean legs, ripped arms and tight buns, then LES MILLS PUMP is for you

THE REP EFFECT™: The awesome secret behind the LES MILLS PUMP workout To generate a LES MILLS body you need to work hard--and work smart. Using THE REP EFFECT™ will allow you to do just that by utilizing lighter weights and lifting them at a higher rate of repetition, allowing you to torch up to 1,000 calories per workout and get ripped—quicker.

Most weight lifters use barbells to bulk up with heavy weights and low reps, but the LES MILLS PUMP will deliver strength and a lean body by using high-repetition resistance training. Your muscles will burn and grow fatigued through the masterful use and change of position, tempo and speed of your routines, all done while staying in your key heart rate zone. As a result, every LES MILLS PUMP workout will burn fat reserves, target the right muscles, and incinerate more calories than you ever thought was possible.

Join the LES MILLS PUMP workout revolution today With over 14,000 clubs in 80 countries teaching the original BODY PUMP to millions of devotees every week, the LES MILLS PUMP workout is now available to you at home. Join this worldwide revolution and start dropping weight and packing on muscle from the comfort of your own home. Get lean, strong, and ripped faster with the LES MILLS PUMP workout.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is LES MILLS PUMP so effective?

Millions of success stories can't be wrong, and the secret is called THE REP EFFECT™. Most gym workouts focus on heavy weights that cause you to bulk up and get huge, but LES MILLS PUMP instead will focus on light-to-medium weights which you lift at a much higher rep rate. Not only that, but the control of the tempo, speed, and position can cause incredible challenges and changes to your muscles, taking you to their best fatigue levels. As you work out, your heart rare also soars, so that you burn even more calories. The consequence? Long and lean as opposed to big and bulky.

What are the workouts like?

Curious about an actual work out? In a standard LES MILLS PUMP workout, you will you're your muscles to their max by doing 70-100 repetitions per body part. You heard that right—you will do more than FOUR times the number of reps of a usual workout that you might do in a traditional gym. THE REP EFFECT™ will make you torch your fat reserves, achieve greater stress loads for your muscles, and incinerate calories like nothing else. The result is that you lose fat and gain in strength—without bulking up.

Why do I only have to work out 3 times a week?

There is a method to the madness: you need to give your muscles time to recover, and more importantly, to rebuild. By working out 3 times per week, you will shred your muscle fibers as much as optimal, leaving it so that you heal and rebuild on the other 4. You can do non-resistance training on your off days, but don't do more LES MILLS PUMP then is recommended lest you reduce your results

Phase One Kick off your workout with a fat burning phase as you lose weight through briefer exercises that get your metabolism revved up.

Phase TwoTime to change your body shape through serious body sculpting as you begin to adapt to that "lean" look you crave

Phase Three Seriously strengthen your physique to acquire that ripped and shredded look that perfects your gains this far.

Who is LES MILLS PUMP for?

The LES MILLS PUMP has been designed to change the lives of people of all fitness levels and ages. All you need is a desire for health and greater strength. Key demographics that will benefit from this workout include:

  • Those new to working out
  • Men and women who want to lose weight and get fit
  • Weightlifters who want to improve muscular endurance
  • People who are bored with other workouts and want to try something new
  • People who want leaner, stronger muscles
  • Women who are afraid of getting bulky from lifting weights
  • Fans of BODYPUMP® gym classes who want to work out at home
  • What additional equipment do I need?

    You don't need anything else. Everything you need already comes in the LES MILLS PUMP package.

    Buy Les Mills Pump Workout Now