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P90Next Workout

What's the P90 Next Workout all about?

The original Power 90 was released in 2001, and has achieved phenomenal success these past nine years, helping 1000's effect total body transformations, and leading to the creation of the 'extreme' and now even more famous version, P90X. Even though everybody speaks today of the extreme version, the original still delivers the goods. But with the passage of these nine years, Power 90 has begun to look dated. It hales from the early years of Beachbody, when production values were lower, and the professional film crews were still learning how to stage and shoot the workouts.

Following its continued success and legions of devoted fans, Beachbody has decided to reshoot and re-release Power 90 as 'P90 Next'. Tony Horton will star once again as the fitness trainer that will lead people through the 90 day program, helping them achieve that same total body transformation as before.


When Is P90 Next Being Released?

As of the 2010 Beachbody Summit, the latest information on P90 Next's release is that it's slated for the Fall of 2011.