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P90X Extreme Training System
P90X Extreme Training System
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P90X The most Popular Home Fitness Workout In The World

What's included in P90X?

  • Included in P90X Workout: 12 DVDs

    12 Workouts DVDs to Deliver Results

    Chest & Back, Plyometrics, Shoulder & Arms, Yoga X, Legs & Back, Kempo X, X Strech, Core Synergistics, Chest - Shoulders & Triceps, Back & Biceps, Ab Ripper X and Cardio X .

  • Included in P90X Workout: Nutrition Guide

    Nutrition Guide

    developed to help you burn unwanted fat while maintaining high energy levels

  • Included in P90X Workout: Fitness Guide

    Fitness Guide

    All you need to know and get extreme fitness results.

  • Included in P90X Workout: How To Bring It DVD

    How to Bring It DVD guide

    Lean, Strong & Unstoppable Fitness Guide. 90 days is all it takes to revolutionize your body, and this guide will help you chart out each step of the way.

  • Included in P90X Workout:  Calendar

    P90X Calendar

    To log in your progress and keep you motivated!

  • Included in P90X Workout: Two bonus workout dvds

    Bonus DVD

    You will get to additional workout dvd's from Tony Horton's One on One series.

P90X Buy Now

Buy P90X Workout Now

P90X Will Reshape your Body in only 90 days!

It's everywhere. With over 2.8 million copies sold, Tony Horton's P90X Workout is here to stay. Proven by hundreds of thousands of people to work, all you need to get results is to keep pushing play. 90 days is all it takes, 90 days of exercise, nutrition and dedication, and you can revolutionize your body.

With celebrities like Ashton Kutchner, Demi Moore, Pink, Sheryl Crow achieving Hollywood physiques and top athletes like Jerry Stackhouse, Brett Favre and Kurt Warner getting into peak physical condition for the most elite performances ever, you know P90X is for real. 90 days and an iron will to change your life is all it takes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is P90X So Effective?

Despite our best intentions and hard work, most of us aren't fitness professionals. We don't know exactly what to do in the gym to get the best results. We try, but often fail to see incredible results despite our best efforts. That's why people turn to P90X – it's the brainchild of Tony Horton, a fitness professional who has dedicated his life to figuring exactly how to help you reach your physical potential in the quickest, most efficient, and most exhilarating manner.

With his plateau-shattering Muscle Confusion system, Tony will take you through 90 days of extreme physical exercise that will blast your body day after day in exactly the way it needs, helping you shed weight and gain lean skeletal muscle that will revolutionize everything you thought was possible when it came to total body transformations.

What makes P90X® unique?

P90X is unique due to it's incredible variety, subtle complexity and amazing results-delivering system. By putting 12 different workouts in your hand and telling you exactly what to do and when, Tony Horton's P90X will challenge your body like it's never been challenged before with a mix of fat torching cardio routines, core work, total body resistance training, yoga, martial arts and stretching. Follow his nutrition plan, drink P90X Recovery Formula, follow the workouts, supplement with his Energy and Endurance formula, and see just how quickly your body can change. By the time you're done with this workout you will be fitter, stronger, more agile, more flexible, better balanced and filled with vigor and vitality.

Further, Tony's off the wall humor, wisdom, experience and motivation will keep you going long past the point you might have otherwise quit. Engaging and inspiring, his personality truly is the secret weapon behind P90X's success, and it helps you press play every day and makes a true difference in your results.

Who is Tony Horton?

Tony Horton is the maniacal genius behind the complexity and brilliance that is P90X. A consummate fitness professional, he has literally dedicated his life to finding the very best and most cutting edge techniques to help you change your body in the very ways you have ever dreamed. The creator of other stellar workouts such as the 10 Minute Trainer and Power 90, Tony's years of training and intense focus have resulted in P90X, the pinnacle in extreme training that will deliver as much as you put in it – and more.

What equipment do I need?

P90X requires a place to do pull-ups, a couple of dumbbells or resistance bands, and an hour of your time each day. There is some extra equipment that will allow you to optimize your P90X experience, such as the power stands,the yoga blocks and the plyomat

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