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Strength & Muscle Men's Formula
Strength & Muscle Men's Formula
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Strength and Muscle Men’s Formula

Strength & Muscle Men's Formula, Beachbody, Creatine, SupplementPut Some Muscle In Your Workouts

Get stronger and more muscular without gaining fat. Just one scoop a day will give your muscles the fuel to stay energized, so you can get the most out of your athletic efforts. Whether it's lifting, running, swimming, cycling, or competing in your favorite sport, Strength & Muscle Men's Formula will enable you to perform at a higher level of intensity over a longer period of time.*

Beachbody Nutritionals’ Strength & Muscle Men’s Formula combines creatine, phosphates, and dextrose to maximize your body’s ability to absorb creatine into the bloodstream for enhanced results—with no unwanted effects normally associated with creatine supplements. Our unique “balanced pH” delivery system minimizes cramping and stomach upset. Taken daily, Strength & Muscle Men’s Formula may support  increased strength and lean tissue development.*

What Is Creatine, and Why Should I Care?

Creatine is, quite simply, a natural component of skeletal muscle that is found in all people and animals. It is found in high quantities in red meat and fish, and thus carnivores receive their creatine directly via dietary channels. Herbivores (and strict vegetarians), since they abstain from consuming these sources, rely on their body’s natural ability to synthesize creatine from amino acids. What does creatine do? Following ingestion, it travels to our muscles where it helps increase muscle energy levels by increasing our ability to process ATP, the cell’s energy molecule.

The amount of of work our muscles can perform is directly related to the amount of ATP available during exercise, and creatine controls the amount of ATP available for use.

What does this mean? By taking a Creatine supplement, you increase the amount of ATP your muscles can access while working out, and thus can exercise longer and harder and achieve greater results faster.

Why use Strength and Muscle Men’s Formula

  • Contains creatine. Helps increase muscle volume.
  • Balanced pH. A special pH delivery system neutralizes stomach acids to eliminate cramping and stomach upset.
  • Quick absorption. While many creatine products enter the stomach for limited absorption, Strength & Muscle Men's Formula is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream for enhanced results.
  • Great taste! If you've tried creatine formulas in the past, you know how low they can rate on the taste scale. That's why Beachbody made a concentrated effort to offer a flavorful, thirst-quenching product that you'll actually enjoy.
  • Available in 30 or 78 serving per container tubs.

How to use Strength and Muscle Men’s Formula

Mix one scoop (16 gr.) in 8 oz. of cold water. For maximum results take it on empty stomach 10 to 30 minutes after your workout. Do not consume food 30 minutes afterwards.

Did You know

  •  95% to 98% of creatine is stored in our muscles.
  •  It is virtually impossible to cover our creatine needs from food alone.

 P90X Strength & Muscle Formula, Beachbody, supplement

WARNING: Consult with a healthcare professional if pregnant, breast feeding, providing to a child or if you have any other unique or special needs. Keep out of the reach of children.

 * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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